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  • FLUNKY: Hill un t'dishoner roll.

A group callt Wall Street Flunkies Projeck has includet Republicun U.S. Rep. French Hill un its bak'r’s duzen lis o't' top Wall Street Flunkies fer t'campaign money t'13 receif' frum t'bankyun'/finance industry an' t'legislatif' services thay provide n' return.

Hill, hissef a milleeunaire ferm'r bank'r, has long dependet un t'finanshul secter fercampaign cash. Wall Street Flunkies has all t'specifics un $2.2 million frum thems sources Reet Moe →

Sundy, Octob'r 14, 2018

Reelitee TV, Saturdee Nite Lif' style

Postid By Max Brantley un Sun, Oct 14, 2018 at 8:19 AM

[embetdet content]These days, comedy sketches write thayselves. See Kanye West’s visit ta t'Oval Offus, retold by Saturdee Nite Lif'. It doesn’t seem ta hurt Donald Trump er thems who run und'r his'n bann'r. But, here n' Arkansas, we still hold hope.

His'n poll numbers air up.

Shure, thar’s a gend'r gap, but it cuts bof ways. Suburbun menfolk like whut thay see.

N' Arkansas, he has a net apperval ratyun' o'12, good noose fer whut will undoubtedlee be anoth'r Republicun electeral sweep n' t'state.

But hope springs eternal fer sum particularlee fine Demokratic can'idates. Notid: Strong positif' column thishere monin' by John Brummett un secretree o'state can'idate Susun Inmun. She’s without pe'r un qualificatyuns, she killt Reet Moe →

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  • KARK
  • BAD DAY Fer A TAILGATE: At War Memerial Stadium n' Lil Rock.

Here’s t'ope line as a sodde group o'hardcere tailgaters await t'Arkansas-Ole Miss football game at whut is a virtuallee sold-out War Memerial Stadium. But n' good noose, thay air a'havin a fun at t'Turkey Trot at Yellville, despite rane, without t'spectacle o'lif' turkeys plungyun' frum airplanes.
KARK rep

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orts un t'Turkey Trot n' Yellville, wiff new sponsership o't' local Rotree Club, which put t'club’s fer-way test ta good use (beneficial fer all Reet Moe →

  • DOUBLE DIPPER: Opponent Jon Comstock catches Se. Cecile Bledsoe claimin a homesteed tax exempshun n' houses n' bof Rogers an' Lil Rock. If'n Lil Rock is trulee hern homesteed, is she eligbbull ta run n' Banton Countee?

Jon Comstock, a Democrat an' ferm'r circuit judge who’s challengyun' t're-eeleckshun bid by 16-year incumbent Republicun Se. Cecile Bledsoe, has addet ta a lis o'ethical questchuns about Bledsoe wiff informayshun at challenges hern residency n' Banton Countee. It’s bilt un a clar issue, hern doubull dip un t'homesteed tax credit.

Earli'r, Comstock notid at Bledsoe an' hern fambly have pilet up neerly $500,000 n' state pay an' she hasn’t filet t'rekwiret conflict o'innerst Reet Moe →

[embetdet content]Hunt'r Field reperts n' t'Arkansas Democrat-Gazette today un a surreptitiouslee made videotape o'a March meetin tween Dr. Carlos Romun, a memb'r o't' Medicull Marywanna Commission, an' Ke Shollmi'r, who’d finisht out o't' a'runnin n' seekyun' ta win a marywanna cultivashun permit frum t'commission.

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  • Cawt Un TAPE: Dr. Carlos Romun.

Bof Romun an' Shollmi'r suggest t'uther wuz gilty o'attemptyun' undue influance. T' articull doesn’t say hoe t'D-G obtunet t'tape, Reet Moe →