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Digital Millennium Copyriite Ack Policy

Welcum ta T' Arkansas Recerd (t' “Site”).We respeck t'intellectual propertee rights o'utherns jes as we eggspeck utherns ta respeck air rights. Pursuant ta Digital Millennium Copyriite Ack, Title 17, Unitid States Code, Seckshun 512(c), a copyriite own'r er thar agent may submit a takedown notice ta us via air DMCA Agent listid beloe. As un innernets servus provid'r, we air entitlet ta claim immunitee frum sed infringement claims pursuant ta t'“safe harber” provisyuns o't' DMCA.  Ta submit a good faith infringement claim ta us, y'all must submit t'notice ta us at sets furth t'a'followin informayshun:

Notice o'Infringement – Claim

1. A physical er electronic signature o't' copyriite own'r (er someone autherizet ta ack un behalf o't' own'r);
2. Idantificashun o't' copyrightid wurk claimd ta have bee infringet;
3. Idantificashun o't' infryun'yun' material ta be removet, an' informayshun reesonablee sufficient ta permit t'servus provid'r ta locate t'material. [Pleese submit t'URL o't' page n' questchun ta assist us n' idantifyyun' t'allegedlee offendyun' wurk];
4. Informayshun reesonablee sufficient ta permit t'servus provid'r ta contact t'cumplainin partee includin yer name, physical address, email address, phone numb'r an' fax numb'r;
5. A statement at t'cumplainin partee has a good faith bleef at t'use o't' material is unautherizet by t'copyriite agent; an'
6. A statement at t'informayshun n' t'notificashun is accurate, an', und'r penaltee o'perjury, at t'cumplainin partee is autherizet ta ack un behalf o't' copyriite own'r.

Title 17 USC §512(f) provides civil damage penaltees, includin costs an' atterney fees, agin inny persen who knowinglee an' materiallee misrepresants sartin informayshun n' a notificashun o'infringement und'r 17 USC §512(c)(3).

Send all takedown notices through air Contact page.  Pleese send by email fer prompt tenchun.

Pleese note at we may share t'idantitee an' informayshun n' inny copyriite infringement claim we receif' wiff t'alleget infring'r.  N' submittyun' a claim, y'all unnerstan accept an' agree at yer idantitee an' claim may be communicatid ta t'alleget infring'r.

Count'r Notificashun – Resterashun o'Material

If'n y'all have receivet a notice o'material bein takedown becawz o'a copyriite infringement claim, y'all may provide us wiff a count'r notificashun n' un effurt ta have t'material n' questchun resteret ta t'site. Sed notificashun must be gif' n' ritin ta air DMCA Agent an' must contane substantiallee t'a'followin elemants pursuant ta 17 USC Seckshun 512(g)(3):

1. Yer physical er electronic signature.
2. A descripshun o't' material at has bee take down an' t'originull locashun o't' material befor it wuz take down.
3. A statement und'r penaltee o'perjury at y'all have a good faith bleef at t'material wuz removet er disablet as a result o'mistake er misidantificashun o't' material ta be removet er disablet.
4. Yer name, address, an' telafone numb'r, an' a statement at y'all consent ta t'jurisdicshun o't' fedral districk court fer t'judicial districk n' which t'address is locatid (er if'n y'all air outside o't' Unitid States, at y'all consent ta jurisdicshun o'inny judicial districk n' which t'servus provid'r may be foun), an' at y'all will accept servus o'process frum t'persen er cumpny who providet t'originull infringement notificashun.
5. Send yer count'r notice through air Contact page. Email is highlee recommendet.

Repeet Infring'r Policy

We take copyriite infringement verr seriouslee.  Pursuant ta t'repeet infring'r policy rekwiremants o't' Digital Millennium Copyriite Ack, we manetane a lis o'DMCA notices frum copyriite holters an' make a good faith effurt ta idantify inny repeet infringers.  Thems at violate air internal repeet infring'r policy will have thar accounts terminatid.


We reserve t'rite ta modify t'contants o'thishere page an' its policy fer han'leeun' DMCA claims at inny time fer inny reeson. Y'all air encouraget ta check back ta revu thishere policy frekwantlee fer inny changes.