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T' U.S. Army Cerps o'Engineers has reopenet fer swimbeeches closet fer mer thun a week becawz o'high E. coli levels n' t'wat'r.

Blue Ridge an' Jeffersen Ridge Park West Swim Beech un Dierks Lake, Coon Creek Swim Beech un Gillham Lake an' Stery Creek Swim Beech un De Quee Lake wuz temperarilee shut Aug. 21.

T' beeches have bee retestid, an' officials have determind thay air safe fer public use, agency spokeswumun Laurie Driv'r sed n' a noose releese Winsdee.

Accerdyun' ta Driv'r, acoupla acceptabull wat'r samples air rekwiret by t'state Heeth Department befor a beech is reopenet.

T' high bacteria levels n' t'lakes could be attributid ta a heevy amount o'goose droppings, t'Cerps sed wen t'beeches wuz shut, cityun' Heelth Department officials.

Wavelan' swim beech un Blue Mountane Lake remuns closet becawz o'high E. coli levels. It wuz also shut Aug. 21.

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