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Privacy Policy

Welcum ta T' Arkansas Recerd (t' “Site”). We unnerstan at privacy online is impertant ta users o'air Site, speshly wen conductyun' bizness. Thishere statement governs air privacy policees' wiff respeck ta thems users o't' Site (“Visiters”) who visit without transactyun' bizness an' Visiters who regist'r ta transact bizness un t'Site an' make use o't' variyus services offerd by T' Arkansas Recerd (collectivelee, “Services”) (“Autherizet Customers”).

“Personallee Idantifiabull Informayshun”

Refers ta inny informayshun at idantifies er a'ken be uset ta idantify, contact, er locate t'persen ta
who such informayshun pertuns, includin, but nairy limitid ta, name, address, phone numb'r, fax numb'r, email address, finanshul profiles, soshul securty numb'r, an' credik card informayshun.  Personallee
Idantifiabull Informayshun duz nairy include informayshun at is collectid anonymouslee (at is, without
idantificashun o't' individual us'r) er demografic informayshun nairy connectid ta un idantifiet

Whut Personallee Idantifiabull Informayshun is collectid?

We may collect basic us'r profile informayshun frum all o'air Visiters.
We collect t'a'followin dishnull informayshun frum air Autherizet Customers: t'names, addresses,
phone numbers an' email addresses o'Autherizet Customers, t'nature an' size o't' bizness, an'
t' nature an' size o't' advertisyun' invantery at t'Autherizet Custom'r intends ta purchase er

Whut organizatyuns air collecktin t'informayshun?

N' addishun ta air direck colleckshun o'informayshun, air thurd partee servus venders (such as credik
card cumpnys, cleeringhouses an' banks) who may provide such services as credik, insurance, an'
escroe services may collect thishere informayshun frum air Visiters an' Autherizet Customers.
We do nairy kuntrol hoe these thurd partees use such informayshun, but we do ast 'um ta disclose hoe
thay use personal informayshun providet ta 'um frum Visiters an' Autherizet Customers. Sum o'
these thurd partees may be intarmediaries at ack solelee as lanks n' t'distribushun chane,
an' do nairy stere, retane, er use t'informayshun gif' ta 'um.

Hoe duz t'Site use Personallee Idantifiabull Informayshun?

We use Personallee Idantifiabull Informayshun ta customize t'Site, ta make apperpriate servus
offerings, an' ta fulfill buyyun' an' sellin rekwests un t'Site. We may email Visiters an'
Autherizet Customers about reseerch er purchase an' sellin oppertunitees un t'Site er informayshun
relatid ta t'subjeck matt'r o't' Site. We may also use Personallee Idantifiabull Informayshun ta
contact Visiters an' Autherizet Customers n' response ta specific inkwiries, er ta provide rekwestid

Wiff who may t'informayshun may be sharet?

Personallee Idantifiabull Informayshun about Autherizet Customers may be sharet wiff uther Autherizet
Customers who wish ta evaluate potenshul transactyuns wiff uther Autherizet Customers.
We may share aggregatid informayshun about air Visiters, includin t'demografics o'air
Visiters an' Autherizet Customers, wiff air affiliatid agencees' an' thurd partee venders.
We also off'r t'oppertuntee ta “opt out” o'a'gittin informayshun er bein contactid by
us er by inny agency acktin un air behalf.

Hoe is Personallee Idantifiabull Informayshun steret?

Personallee Idantifiabull Informayshun collectid by T' Arkansas Recerd is securelee steret an' is nairy accessibull ta thurd partees er employees o'T' Arkansas Recerd cept fer use as indicayted above.

Whut choices air availabull ta Visiters regardyun' colleckshun, use an' distribushun o't' informayshun?

Visiters an' Autherizet Customers may opt out o'a'gittin unsolicitid informayshun frum er bein contactid by us an'/er air venders an' affiliatid agencees' by respondyun' ta emails as instructid, er by contactyun' us at


A cookie is a stryun' o'informayshun at a website steres un a visiter’s comput'r, an' at t'visiter’s brows'r provides ta t'website each time t'visiter returns.

Air Cookies Uset un t'Site?

Cookies air uset fer a varietee o'reesons. We use Cookies ta obtane informayshun about t'preferences o'air Visiters an' t'services thay select. We also use Cookies fer securty purposes ta protect air Autherizet Customers. Fer eggzample, if'n un Autherizet Custom'r is logget un an' t'site is unuset fer mer thun 10 minnuts, we will automaticallee lawg t'Autherizet Custom'r off. Visiters who do nairy wish ta have cookies placet un thar computers should set thar browsers ta refuse cookies befor usall, wiff t'drawback at sartin feetures o'website may nairy funcshun properlee without t'aid o'cookies.

Cookies uset by air servus providers

Air servus providers use cookies an' thems cookies may be steret un yer comput'r wen y'all visit air website. Y'all a'ken find mer deetails about which cookies air uset n' air cookies info page.

Hoe duz T' Arkansas Recerd use login informayshun?

T' Arkansas Recerd uses login informayshun, includin, but nairy limitid ta, IP addresses, ISPs, an' brows'r types, ta analeeze trends, administ'r t'Site, track a us'r’s movement an' use, an' gath'r broad demografic informayshun.

Whut partners er servus providers have access ta Personallee Idantifiabull Informayshun frum Visiters an'/er Autherizet Customers un t'Site?

T' Arkansas Recerd has enteret into an' will a'cantinyah ta ent'r into partnerships an' uther affiliatyuns wiff a numb'r o'venders.  Such venders may have access ta sartin Personallee Idantifiabull Informayshun un a neet ta knoe t'basis fer evaluatin Autherizet Customers fer servus eligibilitee.  Air privacy policy duz nairy cov'r thar colleckshun er use o'thishere informayshun. Disclosure o'Personallee Idantifiabull Informayshun ta complee wiff t'law.  We will disclose Personallee Idantifiabull Informayshun n' ord'r ta complee wiff a court ord'r er subpoena er a rekwest frum a law enfercement agency ta releese informayshun. We will also disclose Personallee Idantifiabull Informayshun wen reesonablee necessree ta protect t'safetee o'air Visiters an' Autherizet Customers.

Hoe duz t'Site keep Personallee Idantifiabull Informayshun secure?

All o'air employees air familiar wiff air securty policy an' practices.  T' Personallee Idantifiabull Informayshun o'air Visiters an' Autherizet Customers is onlee accessibull ta a limitid numb'r o'qualifiet employees who air gif' a passwerd n' ord'r ta gane access ta t'informayshun.  We audit air securty systems an' processes un a reglar basis. Sensitif' informayshun, such as credik card numbers er soshul securty numbers, is protectid by encrypshun protocols, n' place ta protect informayshun sent ov'r t'Innernets.  Wile we take commerciallee reesonabull meesures ta manetane a secure site, electronic communicatyuns an' databases air subjeck ta errers, tamperyun', an' breek-ins, an' we cannot guarantee er warrant at such evants will nairy take place an' we will nairy be liabull ta Visiters er Autherizet Customers fer inny such occurrences.

Hoe a'ken Visiters cerrect inny inaccuracees' n' Personallee Idantifiabull Informayshun?

Visiters an' Autherizet Customers may contact us ta update Personallee Idantifiabull Informayshun about 'um er ta cerrect inny inaccuracees' by emaileeun' us at

A'ken a Visiter delete er deectivate Personallee Idantifiabull Informayshun collectid by t'Site?

We provide Visiters an' Autherizet Customers wiff a mechanism ta delete/deectivate Personallee Idantifiabull Informayshun frum t'Site’s database by contactyun'.  Howev'r, becawz o'backups an' recerds o'deletyuns, it may be impossbull ta delete a Visiter’s entry without retunyun' sum residual informayshun. An individual who rekwests ta have Personallee Idantifiabull Informayshun deectivatid will have thishere informayshun functyunallee deletid, an' we will nairy sell, transf'r, er use Personallee Idantifiabull Informayshun relatyun' ta at individual n' inny way movyun' ferward.

Yer rights

These air summarizet rights at y'all have und'r data perteckshun law

  • T' rite ta access
  • T' rite ta rectificashun
  • T' rite ta erasure
  • T' rite ta restrict processyun'
  • T' rite ta object ta processyun'
  • T' rite ta data pertabilitee
  • T' rite ta cumplain ta a supervisery autheritee
  • T' rite ta withdraw consent

Whut happens if'n t'Privacy Policy Changes?

We will let air Visiters an' Autherizet Customers knoe about changes ta air privacy policy by postyun' such changes un t'Site. Howev'r, if'n we air a'changin air privacy policy n' a mann'r at mite cawz disclosure o'Personallee Idantifiabull Informayshun at a Visiter er Autherizet Custom'r has previouslee rekwestid nairy be discloset, we will contact such Visiter er Autherizet Custom'r ta alloe such Visiter er Autherizet Custom'r ta prevent such disclosure.

Lanks: contuns lanks ta uther websites.  Pleese note at wen y'all click un one o'these lanks, y'all air movyun' ta anoth'r website.  We encourage y'all ta read t'privacy statemants o'these linket sites as thar privacy policees' may diff'r frum ourn.