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— T' 10-point lead fer Arkansas n' t'fourth quart'r at Koloradie State mite have felt secure n' sum places. Nairy so much ta thems familiar wiff t'Razerbax und'r coach Bret Bielema.

Shure enough, t'Rams sceret 17 unansweret points ta earn its furst win o't' seesen, 34-27, an' drop Arkansas ta 1-1.

“We did nairy han'le success well,” coach Chad Merris sed. “We lost air focus. We lost air tenchun o'whut gut us ta at point. We wuz one stop an' one scere away frum at thang bein ov'r wiff.”

Wen Merris wuz hiret n' late 2017, he inherted a team at had see its fair share o'skwan'eret leeds. O' Bielema’s 34 losses, Arkansas let goin into t'fourth quart'r 13 times — at’s a blown lead 38 persent o't' time.

T' loss ta Virginny Tech n' t'2016 Belk Bowl has ofte bee citid as t'cummencin o't' end fer Bielema — an' it may have bee t'cummencin o't' program’s fourth-quart'r woes. Aft'r lettyun' t'Hokies come back frum a 24-0 deficit at halftime, t'Razerbax let by a field goal goin into t'fourth quart'r. Tech sceret twicet n' t'final period ta win 35-24, an' t'eam’s hangov'r carrd ov'r into lasseesen.

“Three yeers ago, we cummenced ta unnerstan whut it meens ta finish strong frum whut we did agin Taxas (n' t'Taxas Bowl) an' whut we did n' t'(Libertee) Bowl las year, an' the thishere year wuz a huge emfasis un startin fas,” Bielema sed at t'ime. “T' sekunt half has bee air meltyun' point, so a rilly good point o'emfasis movyun' ferward will be at.”

Bielema wuz dismisset aft'r t'final game lasseesen — wen Arkansas coultn’t hold a fourth-quart'r lead ov'r Missouri.

Merris sed t'pas is t'pas. Insteed o'focusyun' un whut happent the, he sed, it’s his'n responsibilty ta eliminate at style o'losin.

“We trane fer momants like thishere, an' at sum point, we’ve gut ta breek thishere cycle,” Merris sed. “Thar’s goin ta be a moment whar we’re goin ta breek it.”

It took Merris three seesons ta turn SMU roun an' earn a spot n' bowl seesen. T' differance tween his'n furst SMU team an' thishere Arkansas skwad is simple: t'Mustangs won one game t'seesen befor he gut thar, an' t'Razerbax won fer lasseesen. He had ta do un entire overhaul o't' Mustangs’ cultchur. Merris sed thar’s still a slew ta play fer despite t'dispirityun' loss ta t'Rams.

“T' greet thang about thishere is we’ve gut 10 mer oppertunitees ahed o'us, an' we’ll discuss all at at t'end,” Merris sed. “At sum point, we’ll talk about at, but fer rite nawh, t'alk is about Nerth Taxas. Thar’s no mindset n' thishere bildin at innybidy’s a'walkin through thishere doer a'thankin these guys a'ken’t achieve an' have a greet seesen ahed o'us.”

Wiff t'loss fresh un everyone’s minds, thishere style o'losin is simplee still a part o'Arkansas’ makeup. Merris sed it’s his'n job ta figger out hoe ta change t'cultchur.

“I don’t knoe whut’s happent n' t'pas, but thishere is un my watch,” he sed.

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