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Should un invester prepare fer starmy weeth'r, er should he er she stay … un invester “make hay” er “build un ark” n' thishere relativelee sunny weeth'r?

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T' Salvashun Army temperarilee opend up un emergency shelt'r usual reservet fer cold weeth'r, which noe averages tween 40 an' 50 folk …

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A'lookin ta build off its 35-point seesen-openyun' victery, Arkansas takes un Koloradie State thishere Saturdee, Septemb'r 8 … WeeTHER T' ELEMantS.

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ST. Looey – T' Nashshunal Weeth'r Servus (NWS) n' St. Looey is predictyun' as minny a as eiite inches o'rane as a possibilitee ov'r t'corse o'thishere …

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