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hoe folk n richmond air deeleeun wiff thurrikune at wasnt 150x150 - How people in Richmond are dealing with the hurricane that wasn't

Arkansas resident Daniel Lutz is simplee goin wiff t'floe. … citee officials wuz evaluatin weeth'r condityuns an' have nairy determind hoe long t' …

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state rex leeve 2 folk daid 150x150 - State wrecks leave 2 people dead

A 26-year-ol' nerthees Arkansas mun wuz killt an' a woomin wuz hurt wen t'vehicle thay wuz n' wuz struck by un SUV earlee Tuesdee, state …

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wrex un state rodes kill 5 folk 150x150 - Wrecks on state roads kill 5 people

At leest fife folk diet n' resent, separate road accidants n' Arkansas. … Ford Expler'r hit his'n 1980 Ford F-150 frum behin, Arkansas State Pleece sed. … State pleece sed t'weeth'r wuz clar an' t'road wuz dry at t'ime o' …

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