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warm wednesday rain and cooler temperatures for the weekend porn 150x150 - Warm Wednesday, rain and cooler temperatures for the weekend.

SHREVEPerT, Louisyina – High preshure continues ta dominate air weeth'r patturn, meanin one mer day o'mid an' upp'r 90s heat at has …

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At chance fer rane will lackly end Sundy as we’ll settle into a dri'r weeth'r patturn fer mos o'nex week. Models indicate at one half ta inch o'rane …

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Thar will be enough o'a push ta git sum o'thishere rane into t'I-30 cerrider o'Taxas an' Arkansas, but runfall chantses won’t be as high across t' …

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T' Nashshunal Weeth'r Servus sez t'mercury will lackly plunge into t'70s un Frydee an' Saturdee an' perhaps into t'upp'r 60s un Sundy.

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